• Virgin Experiance Days

    Virgin Experiance Days

    Virgin Experiance Days asked me to produce their 2018 Christmas campaign videos, this involved multiple shoots and was great fun! Check out the behind…

  • Lenovo Case Study

    Lenovo Case Study

    Syntasa, a market leader in artificial intelligence asked me to produce a case study on Lenovo using their product. This was filmed at their…

  • Castrol Stunt Driver

    Castrol Stunt Driver

    I worked with the Chalkstar Films team on this short advert for Castrol Oil, it was great fun rigging up the Audi R8!

  • The Oxford Union

    The Oxford Union

      During my time at the production company I managed the filming & editing of the Oxford Union talks and debates. We covered some…

  • Away Resorts Colour Festival

    Away Resorts Colour Festival

    Away Resorts threw a colour festival Inspired by the Holi Indian Festival back in July. They asked me to bring a team down there…

  • Syntasa Sky Case Study

    Syntasa Sky Case Study

    Syntasa provides artificial intelligence assisted customer analytics, one of their clients is Sky. I visited Sky Studios to interview their Head of Digital Anyalitics…

  • Life-saving Instruction for Emergencies

    Life-saving Instruction for Emergencies

    470,000 babies die each year in Africa on the day they are born. This figure increases to 1 million deaths within the first 28…

  • All Your Base Database Conference

    All Your Base Database Conference

    White October invited over 300 developers for a day of exploring a selection of the new database technologies that have become available. There were talks…

  • Sortition Promo

    Sortition Promo

    Sortition is a stand-alone, online randomisation system builder that supports the standard randomisation and minimisation algorithms for both open and blind studies. I produced, filmed and…