• Chinese New Year -Tourism Australia

    Chinese New Year -Tourism Australia

    Tourism Australia deployed a team of photographers to capture Chinese New Year in Sydney. They shot thousands of images which were transferred over to…

  • Giga Selfie – Tourism Australia

    Giga Selfie – Tourism Australia

    Tourism Australia has developed a new app which allows tourists to 'super size' their selfies. The app, called the GIGA selfie,will put cameras at…

  • Tough Mudders Mini Mudder

    Tough Mudders Mini Mudder

    When Hannah asked me to come and film her at Tough Mudders Mini Mudder I didn't take much convincing. Such a great day out!

  • Mixology School

    Mixology School

    The Cocktail service do pop up bars for big brands at events all over the UK. A new offering of theirs is a teambuilding…

  • Shoe Rentals

    Shoe Rentals

    I was asked to produce a very short live action sequence for a new website where users can rent expensive shoes. I took the…

  • Oxford Fashion Week

    Oxford Fashion Week

    I was asked to shoot the runway shows for OFW, used 2 cameras, an A7s on a motorized slider and FS7 on the tripod.…

  • Croquet and Cocktails London

    Croquet and Cocktails London

    A new company specializing in garden parties asked for a quick 30 second video of their service, I went down to their party for…

  • London Helicopter Filming

    London Helicopter Filming

    During my time working at I was asked to organize some cool stock footage packs for our users. I got in touch with…

  • Cooking With Saira

    Cooking With Saira

    Saira Hamilton appeared on Masterchef in 2013, soon after she launched her private dining, cookery masterclasses, supper-clubs and pop-up resteraunts. I went down to…