• Castrol Stunt Driver

    Castrol Stunt Driver

    I worked with the Chalkstar Films team on this short advert for Castrol Oil, it was great fun rigging up the Audi R8!

  • The Oxford Union

    The Oxford Union

      During my time at the production company I managed the filming & editing of the Oxford Union talks and debates. We covered some…

  • Away Resorts Colour Festival

    Away Resorts Colour Festival

    Away Resorts threw a colour festival Inspired by the Holi Indian Festival back in July. They asked me to bring a team down there…

  • Syntasa Sky Case Study

    Syntasa Sky Case Study

    Syntasa provides artificial intelligence assisted customer analytics, one of their clients is Sky. I visited Sky Studios to interview their Head of Digital Anyalitics…

  • Life-saving Instruction for Emergencies

    Life-saving Instruction for Emergencies

    470,000 babies die each year in Africa on the day they are born. This figure increases to 1 million deaths within the first 28…

  • All Your Base Database Conference

    All Your Base Database Conference

    White October invited over 300 developers for a day of exploring a selection of the new database technologies that have become available. There were talks…

  • Sortition Promo

    Sortition Promo

    Sortition is a stand-alone, online randomisation system builder that supports the standard randomisation and minimisation algorithms for both open and blind studies. I produced, filmed and…

  • Sydney New Year 2016

    Sydney New Year 2016

    As part of this year's New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney, Tourism Australia beamed footage of Sydney Harbour, the city's iconic beaches and animals from…

  • Chinese New Year -Tourism Australia

    Chinese New Year -Tourism Australia

    Tourism Australia deployed a team of photographers to capture Chinese New Year in Sydney. They shot thousands of images which were transferred over to…